BBC: Scrap The License, Keep The Bias

Yup, looks about right to me. The BBC is, contrary popularly held belief, staffed by human beings with a past and opinions of their own. These opinions will be shaped by their upbringing and experiences which, in some cases, can be remarkably similar. The journalists will almost certainly be degree educated around 5% of those … Continue reading BBC: Scrap The License, Keep The Bias


Neo-Liberalism: What Has It done For Us?

Sounds fine to me, does it do what it says on the tin? I think this is a question that isn't asked often enough, maybe there is an alternative to Social Democracy, after all that's the strapline to my blog. I don't see there is any problem in exploring the question to see where it … Continue reading Neo-Liberalism: What Has It done For Us?

This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

This Recipe Looks Familiar. All the original thought in this article is by Simon Duffy, my comments are in green. This post is reproduced with permission and my thoughts are in no way to be taken with Simon's own, although I hope he likes them. Also thanks to Thomas Clark at AnotherAngryVoice. Economics emerged as … Continue reading This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

The end of the state-shrinking dream

All my voting life it seems the UK public rely on Labour to spend then the Tories to do the cutting when we start to feel collective guilt about all the spending. Right now the UK public seems to be of the opinion that it’s time for Labour and greater spending. I also think people have now got the message that the UK cannot go bankrupt as the collective laughter at May comparing us to Greece.

Lilico is a right wing blowhard and he doesn’t have a point about anything. We have the House of Lords and strong institutions that protect us from extremism as the present extremist Tories are finding out. As ever, Lilico is very keen to preserve his privilege and choices at the expense of others. We also have a thriving blogospere holding power to account and challenging to self interested narrative peddled by those such as Lilco who have nothing but scarmongering as arguments.

I hope that the age of divine right is over.

Flip Chart Fairy Tales

I’m old enough to remember when the libertarian right in the Federation of Conservative Students (FCS) sang Tomorrow Belongs To Me. At the time it seemed all of a piece with the Hang Nelson Mandela posters and their other leftie-baiting antics. It’s only with the benefit of hindsight that we can see just how much tomorrow really did belong to them.

By the mid-1980s, the libertarians in the FCS had vanquished the other two factions, the moderates (or ‘Wets’) and the authoritarians, the traditional Powellite Monday Club right. Their combination of free-market economic policies and a degree of social liberalism was very much in tune with the zeitgeist. Despite some traditionalist authoritarian rhetoric, the  main emphasis of Conservative policies during the 1980s and 1990s was economic; deregulation, privatisation and weakening the unions. The period since has been characterised by what David Goodhart called the victory of the Two Liberalisms. George…

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The Inflation Monster Is Coming.

What's That Coming Over The Hill, Is It The Inflation Monster? Yes we're back to that old canard again, it's been confidently predicated daily for I've forgotten how long but there is something in it this time. I thought it would be a fairly simple task to type "inflation definition" and quickly copy and paste … Continue reading The Inflation Monster Is Coming.