WASPI & Pensions: Where Angels Fear To Tread.

Tally Ho Ginger! I'm going in. Never let it be said I don't do requests, so I'll start off gently with some nice Beatles lyrics. Doing the garden, digging the weeds Who could ask for more? Will you still need me, will you still feed me When I'm sixty-four? Owing to government intervention this has … Continue reading WASPI & Pensions: Where Angels Fear To Tread.


The Uber Effeciency Of The Private Sector

Golly, that's thinking out of the box. "Private ownership should generally be preferred to public ownership when the incentives to innovate and to contain costs must be strong. In essence, this is the case for capitalism over socialism, explaining the dynamic vitality' of free enterprise". So says Andrei Shleifer in his his 1998 paper for … Continue reading The Uber Effeciency Of The Private Sector

The London Vampire: Afterthoughts

By Ecky Thump lass, where's me black puddin' and ferret? The above picture is one of typical northerners demonstrating their love and gratitude for those in the South East and London but especially those in the City whose munificence has enabled northerners to breed ferrets and afford luxuries like black pudding and tripe. Yesterdays blog … Continue reading The London Vampire: Afterthoughts

The London Vampire Strikes Again

Ah-ooooo vampire of London, ah-oooooo... What better time to discuss the Northern PowerHouse project now that parliament has entered summer recess and nothing can be done except to fume and fulminate? So what is the NP? The government says "Building a Northern Powerhouse is about boosting the local economy by investing in skills, innovation, transport … Continue reading The London Vampire Strikes Again

Universal Basic Income Vs Basic Income

Crikey, that's such a good tagline I'd like it for my blog. The go to man for all things on Universal Basic Income (UBI) is Scott Santens, who has decided to see what life is like if all his immediate needs are taken care of by a self funded Basic Income. Scott defines Basic Income … Continue reading Universal Basic Income Vs Basic Income

Why I Support The Job Guarantee

Does exactly what it says on the tin. So what is the Job Guarantee? I believe the phrase was invented by the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) economist Bill Mitchell. he reasoned that if the state could support a buffer stock of unemployment, as happens now, the state could also provide a buffer stock of employment. … Continue reading Why I Support The Job Guarantee

Gangster Economics Pt 2

┬áMore to the point, it's the only offer you're going to get Just before I continue the second part of this blog I'd like it clear that Simon Duffy works for the Centre for Welfare Reform and is an expert on the way the most vulnerable people in our society are treated. These ideas did … Continue reading Gangster Economics Pt 2

This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

This Recipe Looks Familiar. All the original thought in this article is by Simon Duffy, my comments are in green. This post is reproduced with permission and my thoughts are in no way to be taken with Simon's own, although I hope he likes them. Also thanks to Thomas Clark at AnotherAngryVoice. Economics emerged as … Continue reading This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

Why The UK Issues Bonds Mystery

Why is it that we still run a national debt with interest payments when we are the monopoly issuer of our own currency and effectively borrowing back what we alone can create? The short answer is we do no such thing, the UK sells bonds so swaps one asset for another, we will issue bonds … Continue reading Why The UK Issues Bonds Mystery

Public Sector Pay: Are They Worth It?

Today it would seem that firemen are flavour of the month, yes heroes no less, incredibly brave men and women running into danger where any sane person is running for their lives in the opposite direction. The tragedy of Grenfell Tower, well I say tragedy I mean gross negligence, brought such bravery into sharp relief. … Continue reading Public Sector Pay: Are They Worth It?