Why I Support The Job Guarantee

Does exactly what it says on the tin. So what is the Job Guarantee? I believe the phrase was invented by the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) economist Bill Mitchell. he reasoned that if the state could support a buffer stock of unemployment, as happens now, the state could also provide a buffer stock of employment. … Continue reading Why I Support The Job Guarantee


The Inflation Monster Is Coming.

What's That Coming Over The Hill, Is It The Inflation Monster? Yes we're back to that old canard again, it's been confidently predicated daily for I've forgotten how long but there is something in it this time. I thought it would be a fairly simple task to type "inflation definition" and quickly copy and paste … Continue reading The Inflation Monster Is Coming.

Why The UK Issues Bonds Mystery

Why is it that we still run a national debt with interest payments when we are the monopoly issuer of our own currency and effectively borrowing back what we alone can create? The short answer is we do no such thing, the UK sells bonds so swaps one asset for another, we will issue bonds … Continue reading Why The UK Issues Bonds Mystery