The London Vampire: Afterthoughts

By Ecky Thump lass, where's me black puddin' and ferret? The above picture is one of typical northerners demonstrating their love and gratitude for those in the South East and London but especially those in the City whose munificence has enabled northerners to breed ferrets and afford luxuries like black pudding and tripe. Yesterdays blog … Continue reading The London Vampire: Afterthoughts


Baking Serfdom Into The System Or…

As they say, follow the money. The alternative title to this article could be why this blog is called Progressive Momentum or ProMo for short, see what I did there, pretty snazzy eh? Or not as the case may be, I digress. Today I'd like to look at how perfectly good ideas can be used … Continue reading Baking Serfdom Into The System Or…

Universal Basic Income Vs Basic Income

Crikey, that's such a good tagline I'd like it for my blog. The go to man for all things on Universal Basic Income (UBI) is Scott Santens, who has decided to see what life is like if all his immediate needs are taken care of by a self funded Basic Income. Scott defines Basic Income … Continue reading Universal Basic Income Vs Basic Income

Why I Support The Job Guarantee

Does exactly what it says on the tin. So what is the Job Guarantee? I believe the phrase was invented by the Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) economist Bill Mitchell. he reasoned that if the state could support a buffer stock of unemployment, as happens now, the state could also provide a buffer stock of employment. … Continue reading Why I Support The Job Guarantee