This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

This Recipe Looks Familiar. All the original thought in this article is by Simon Duffy, my comments are in green. This post is reproduced with permission and my thoughts are in no way to be taken with Simon's own, although I hope he likes them. Also thanks to Thomas Clark at AnotherAngryVoice. Economics emerged as … Continue reading This Isn’t Neo-Liberalism,It’s Gangsterism Pt 1

Grenfell: Dozens Dead or Hundreds?

    According to the BBC there are officially 58 dead with the count expected to rise. Looking at the burnt out shell you'd think it a miracle anyone got out alive and we know that many didn't. The photo above was taken by Gloria Trevisan a 27-year-old Italian engaged to her partner Marco Gottardi … Continue reading Grenfell: Dozens Dead or Hundreds?