Would You Really Drop The Bomb?



Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?

I’d like to dedicate this blog to Trident and to whether we’d ever, in any circumstances, use it. This has become rather topical given the latest test in North Korea of an ICBM, which was said to a success in that it didn’t land on their heads. All hail the glorious leader! So I’m going to put you in charge of the button and all you have to do is press it when the think the situation warrants it. First, before you make any hasty decisions, let’s look at some of the consequences of your actions. A nuclear bomb would kill around 90% of a major cities population within weeks. Did you note the within weeks bit? That’s hundreds of thousands of men, women and children wandering around so badly burnt they feel no pain because their nerve endings all been seared away. Thank heavens for small mercies eh?

So who’s going to drop a bomb on us?

Russia. Nine countries in the world possess a total of 14,900 nuclear weapons. The United States and Russia account for 93 percent of them. Russia is of course led by Vladimir Putin and there is much evidence to support the fact he’s bad. We have, dating back to 2009 Alexander Litvinenko and that chap in a sports bag. Such an easy thing to do, lock yourself in a sports bag, happens to me all the time. Putin is also linked with up to 14 UK killings. Putin has also been linked to election interference, sparking unrest in Ukraine and the downing of a civilian aircraft. The row rages all over the internet about how evil Russia actually is and the answer is very, even allowing for circumstances. Is there any evidence that Putin is actually mad? Anything but, psychopath yes, insane, no.

China: I have spent some considerable time in China and all the local bigwigs liked to chat with the token white man in Nanning. They loved to talk about the western world and their politics but mostly they wanted to know if I knew David Beckham. They all had three priorities, food security, flu pandemic and jobs, in that order. Everything they wanted to know involved trade, trade, more trade and more David Beckham. As local politicians they operated the autonomous region by doing exactly what Beijing told them to, a sticky end usually awaits those who take on too much power. Once a year the ASEAN trade festival takes place and the whole world descends on Nanning to do business worldwide. Try suggesting the prospect of using nuclear weapons to those trade focussed politicians, they’d look at you like you’d grown an extra nose, bombing their customers isn’t good for business.

North Korea. Thought I’d save the joker of the pack until last because it is, North Korea is a 100% vassal state of China and I’m sure Chinese officials can’t believe their luck at anyone taking them seriously. NK has about 10 nukes and zero chance of launching one without Chines help, NK can’t turn on a light without Chinese permission. Sure I’d hate be South Korean with that lunatic Kim Yong Un in charge but I highly doubt he’s about to start a war anytime soon but he’s none the worse for watching.

So who has all these nuclear weapons that we should be frightened enough to pay billions for? I do like a good chart.


Basically, America and Russia have the bulk of the bombs and if it became an all out full blown hot war between those nobody need worry, we’d all be busy being dead and probably wondering where the hell the planet had just vanished to. Now it may help the Well ‘Ard brigade feel better to lob a few token missiles into the melee but it would be a very fleeting feeling. So, MAD still rules there, it isn’t going to happen. CNBC in America is talking up stocks on nuclear defence companies due to “tensions with North Korea, now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty, I’m sure they are.

So out of the countries listed above who’s going to drop a bomb on the UK or US? There’s only 9 countries for goodness sake and France and Israel are allies. India won’t use them for similar reasons to China, Pakistan, even if it could launch, wouldn’t it would be obliterated, as would any other of those countries. There is a danger of terrorists getting hold of a dirty bomb, rather than a full nuclear one, but who are you going to bomb in retaliation for that? Bombers nationality if known? Just guess? You aren’t going to press that button.

Let’s be blunt, the whole nuclear question is nothing but a giant multi billion willy waving competition, unless Russia gets taken out of the equation the damage MAD will continue to work, so might as well all but get rid of the damn things. The purchase of Trident from America smacks of paying divine tribute such use as it is. Trident is too expensive and we don’t need it. You wouldn’t use it as first strike and if you used it as a deterrent then it didn’t deter very well did it? You wouldn’t press the button would you. I’ll leave the last words to Alphaville.

Can you imagine when this race is won
Turn our golden faces into the sun
Praising our leaders, we’re getting in tune
The music’s played by the, the mad men



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  1. There is a danger of terrorists getting hold of a dirty bomb, rather than a full nuclear one, but who are you going to bomb in retaliation for that?

    The last time terrorists struck America didn’t have any trouble inventing a story to fit that problem. I don’t see why terrorists using a dirty bomb should be any different. The Americans will blame their enemy du jour and they’ll bomb the place back to the stone age.

    What is interesting here is that this response relies on the same methods used to deal with a government’s obligations. Inventiveness. In the case of the terrorist outrage, they invent a story; in the case of debt, they invent a system whereby they don’t have to pay it.

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