Do Ya Wanna Be In My Gang?


This seems like the only way at the moment, you have to be in a gang, I am, it’s just that it seems I’m the only one it. I have doubts about everyone and everything, I’ve forgotten the last time anyone ever spoke for me. At the beginning of my adult life there was Thatcher, voted in by a landslide and the entire country (except Scotland) ready to make sacrifices and grasp opportunity. The Right To Buy was inspirational but the lack of investment in new social housing, that we were all expecting, never came. The loss of heavy industry jobs felt like modernisation but once again, the North waited for help and investment that never came. Next came Blairism and again a country united in the belief that Things Could Only Get Better and let down again in the folly of the Iraq war, more than just dreams died then.

Labour: Not my gang I’m afraid and I know I’m not the only one uncomfortable with a politicians name being chanted football style, I admire what Corbyn has achieved as would any fair-minded commentator, but that just isn’t British. Is this really the future having already witnessed the inglorious demise of our two previous Messiahs? Yes Corbyn’s most vocal critics are pathetic, it’s always Socialism = Venezuela or the former USSR rather than the very successful Nordic style Social Democracy he claims to aspire to. I even wrote a tribute to all that Momentum has done with a little plea to modernise. It isn’t that I wouldn’t vote, I would if they showed a modicum of knowledge about what the world has become and that new ideas are needed. The triangulated approach of Blair is the closest we’ve come to running a modern economy can we just lose the Neo-Liberal aspects please?

Tories: Definitely not my gang and if you’re honest with yourself they aren’t your gang either. These people are just plain crackers and they have the gall to accuse Labour of wanting to take us back to the 1970’s. The Tories seem to prefer the 1770’s with people like Jacob Rees-Mogg entirely comfortable taking a multi million pound government grant to do up his 300 bedroom pad yet content to vote for the bedroom tax on the poorest. Seriously, just how stupid do you have to be to believe these people represent you? They live in a world of Divine Right and seem intent on bringing back a feudal society and that should worry you as you’ve been cast in the role of serf along with me. The Tories are a seriously deluded bunch of loons currently running scared of the electorate because we’ve rumbled them as the extremists they are.

Brexit: Yes and no but not my gang either. Never mind that the referendum was ludicrous giving us the choice of Remain vs 50 Flavours of Leave, no wonder leave won, there was a Brexit for everybody. This has carried over into the negotiations and a three-ring circus that is becoming, we’re fast becoming an international laughing-stock and that’s with Trump for distraction. You have that dangerous and odious Boris Johnson still promising a have your cake and eat it Brexit. He must know full damn well that such an option was not, and will never be, on the table but so dishonest is he, he’s never abandoned this ludicrous strategy. Today we learn that Brexiteers are fully in favour of freedom of movement… For them, just not those frightful foreigners. Once again, I have no idea what century those people are living in or why they think supranational bodies aren’t needed.

Remain: Nope. Let’s start with the arch-idiot architect of the referendum David Cameron. The whole point of a referendum, if there is ever any point to one in a parliamentary democracy, is to reflect a sea change in public opinion. There was no such sea change it was called to solve petty internal Tory Party squabbles. The benchmark for the vote set at 50% was equally ill thought out, it should have been 60% minimum to leave, to reflect a clear majority of public opinion for a dramatic change of our constitution. As mentioned above, there was no attempt to force Leave to outline how we’d leave so many voted blindly. Your lack of preparation in the event od Leave was criminal and the case put to a hostile public very poor. You caused all this damage and those running round now trying to prevent it have my sympathy.

So how many splinters do I have in my ar… backside ask some of my more snarky friends? To those of you that have found a voice and a tribe to belong to, I say well done enjoy your illusion. All these gangs, especially the political ones, forget all about the other gangs once in power, or try to destroy them completely. This is what causes the fixation with top down reforms and the roles we get cast for us. Sure you can break out of that, assuming you have your health, mind and a support network but it’s just the lottery economy. The government represents its voters so any stimulus is from the bottom up. Capitalists then compete for that spending power by doing the wonderful things that they do. they get rich, and rightly so, but must pay the price of risk when things go wrong. It wasn’t the poor or the ordinary who became wastrels voting themselves unaffordable goodies it was regulatory capture by the rich. I was chatting about this to @gazamundo on Twitter today.

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If I didn’t have that faith I’d be a misanthrope. I’m not far off despite having faith anyway.

I hear you loud and clear on that. Gary Lineker, a thoroughly decent chap, is having similar woes to me with a plea for moderation and a return to centre ground. needless to say he got slated from both sides I feel you pain Gary. We seem to share the knack of losing friends and influencing nobody. Do you wanna be in my gang? Probably not, but you probably are. I shall leave the last word to The Stranglers.

Whatever happened to all the heroes?
All the Shakespearoes?
They watched their Rome burn

Whatever happened to the heroes?
Whatever happened to the heroes?
No more heroes any more
No more heroes any more
No more heroes any more
No more heroes any more


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