David Malone: Garbled Notes!

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Commentary: Roger Lewis Interviews.

Preamble. Introduction to To david and biography.

Q. What is your education?

A. Grammar school then moved to US, talks about private schools went to the most left wing uni and was shocked by how right wing it was! (phone goes off!!). Wishes he’d gone onto higher degree. Would like to do a Phd on the difference between art and science. Biological Antropology. made up to sound good!

Q. What year did you graduation?. A. 1985 in the middle of Reagan and Thatcher, libertarian height.

Taught in East Orange near Newark, lost several pupils to drug addiction. DM untrained as a teacher. He taught lowest stream nicknamed the animals by other teachers. Lived in France for a while digging a tunnel, then started work for the BBC as a researcher.

He joined BBC during a time of great change. Started on Antenna a magazine programme. doing short films. sent to Tommows World as a punishment. Favourite programme 30th anniversary of Horizon and Icon Earth. made in 1996 looking at GATT agreements. DM against globalisation and the WTO, so made Icon with Michael Jackson giving permission. Full on propaganda he calls it! Teddy Goldsmith, James’s brother, Zac’s uncle featured.  (Lost signal).

Twice approached to make a film about climate change being a hoax. By C$ and BBC head of science. Political agenda against envoironmental changes. Also wanted to do a film about the coming great financial crisis.

Golem XIV started from commenting below the line in the Guardian so his blog looked to fill in the gaps in stories. Listened in on traders message boards to get their gossip. They were brutally honest about current events even against their politics. DM hated the TV anchors who didn’t give the facts on TV. This lead on to the book The Debt Generation, has a great website too. link on David’s candidate website.

Will Golem XIV come back? not really sure so little has changed he’d just be repeating himself, austerity is a scam, writing about the same idiots again doesn’t appeal!! Politicians are generally useful idots RL likes the anger behind the blog as did we all.

Neo liberalism, DM’s views. Left blames right and right blames left. Each wants to keep the problem in the others camp. Need to get the answer to problem rather than fight each other. Banks sold unrepayable debts and became TBTF. No out of control public debt. debt to GDP double to 2013 £1’4 trillion to bail out banks. Neoliberalism blames gov for using public money for banks in an economically unsafe way. Both sides have been MMT and it’s variants now including all the hetrodox economists Steve Keen mentioned and Green Party Econocics. Not enough attentipon given. The Green Party can’t save the planet without good economics, Greens must be stronger on economy.

The various parties become like Monty Python all split but all offering insights. RL brings up 2015/17 differences in Green manifesto. Didn’t bring up money creation. David doesn’t live in London not on leaders xmas card list. So some good news for Positive Money. (Sound lost)… Leadership had no focus on democratic control and should have pushed on with the 2015 manifesto. Too much attention on EU and identity policy.

Onto policy costings and balanced budgets, all cobblers, gov should have debt even though we don’t need debt. Same people who say printing money for debt is something only banks should do. TV pundits described as priests pushing an agenda and the official line. Greens shouldn’t accept assumptions.

Brexit. RL Facism under May or EU! DM supports remain says EU protects against neo-liberal tories. TTIP big point and still needs to be fought EU wanted TTIP it is to happen again. ECJ over-ruled ISDS. (God I hope this is only an hour!!).

EU critisised on democracy it keeps coming back for the right answer or never asks. DM having some trouble defending EU. One of my  themes we don’t do concencus. It’s hot and I need a beer. Too much intolerance beween leavers and remainers. Plenty to be said on both sides. RL a leaver still (just)… ah a beer, cheers.

Good and bad in all parties Greens more good than bad. is Green party debate balanced? DM says more debate needed not less. Would DM debate Piers Morgans on AGW? DM says scientists went too far, models have problems but CC is happening, science needs to be more honest about shortcomings. CC is no excuse for ripping off customers with fuel poverty. No need for these solutions, its poor policy. RL challenges DM on climate debate lack of knowledge in discourse. DM not everyone in Greens is CC expert not enough debate in election.

Fracking is crap! Deeply dishonst technology and uneeded. (dog barking loudly!) Objects to fracking water being dumped in sea. Green party keeps envoirment in publics mind. Greens, FotE and GP drag other parties to debate. Greens need to be radical to matter.

proportional representation, main parties didn’t participate in Ref very low turn out. Very low turnout in leadership for greens, lowering voter age bad idea in the main. Too many problems with it but perhaps good for green party. Would have been good for UKIP too but DM wants PR. Gerrymandering becoming a problem. Another election within the year. May will end up under the bus but who wants her job?

Praises Corbyn for opening up debate from New Labour. Corbyn if elected would have problems.

Has UK swung against brexit? no evidence or they’d have all voted Lib Dems. Both sides made terrible cases and dishonest. RL brings in the case for brexit. DM what will you be left with if you leave? For DM it’s all about trade agreements. Brexit solves nothing is it part of a 3 card trick distracting us. PR gives a voice to all including extremes. Tommy Robinson is mentioned DM wants to confront him with truth not lies. TR no theologian!

People using lies because they won’t engage with other opinons (yes I’ve lost the will to live 5 mins more.

Middle east, a dangerous divide between USa/Russia and Saudi/Qatar. One country that funds IS is saudi. Al Jezeera funded by Qatar critises everyone. Many countries feel threatened by others Iran/Syria caught in the middle. It’s hard to be neutral as if you say something about one side it means you’re against the other.

Sorry it’s all very babbled will write it up properly later.













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  1. Bill, Thanks for this the whole stream is on the Steaming Page now along with an embed of Ico Earth I am presently downloading a High Def copy which I will put in Davids Reverb Nation Video Feed.
    A big learning process for all of us here, David I think found it OK. The technology is easily set up, and I think it would be great if you Interviewed David on some of the areas we could not, or did not cover.
    The time flew by and stood still at the same time, David is a Great Interviewee. If I can find a way to get the bandwidth overhead down, I will make a script so the controls can just Embed in the guest interviewers blog page and deliver the best Overhead for the individual machine from which the Skype chat is hosted and Broadcast.


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