Grenfell Tower – The KCTMO Culture Of Negligence

A potted history of the catostrophic maintainence issues surrounding Grenfell Towers. There is over a decades worth of inadequate responses to genuine concerns raised by the residents, some of whom were threatened with legal action. This blog is a damning indicment of those who took the decisions.

Grenfell Action Group

The many who lost their lives in this catastrophe were our friends and neighbours. We tried to speak for them in life and we will continue to speak for them now. We share the pain of the homeless, the injured and the bereaved to whom we offer our heartfelt sympathy, condolences and solidarity. We also share the sense of anger and injustice that has troubled this community for years. That is why we started this blog and that is why we will continue as we started, speaking truth to power whether or not they choose to listen.

Even the dogs in the street know that the flammable cladding encasing the exterior of Grenfell Tower played a major part in spreading and accelerating what began as a single dwelling fire with such rapidity that the entire interior of the 24 storey building became a raging inferno in less than an hour…

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One thought on “Grenfell Tower – The KCTMO Culture Of Negligence

  1. What I want to know is why the contractors were allowed to cut corners and use the cheaper insulation. Building regulations state that the cladding must be non-flamable.

    If a government has regulations, isn’t it proper to see them effected?

    I know, that’s what keeps Britain’s economy afloat… the problem is that without proper regulation, Britain’s economy is f*cked. People have already paid with their lives.

    PS Sorry for not responding earlier – I thought I was getting emails for your updates, and I’m not.


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