Burn Down The Mosques! Afterthoughts 2


Here we go again.

“As I’ve said for many decades, don’t confuse me with a liberal, I’d shoot these people down dead myself if I could” (George Galloway, Twitter 04/06/17)

And so say all decent people, yet out come the siren voices and ‘Well ‘Ard brigade with all the usual I’m Angrier Than You arguments for internment, mass arrests, storming mosques… need I go on? I am not listing and rehashing all those tropes again as I already comprehensively debunked them one by one, here and here. It is of some comfort that outside the loopier quarters of the internet these voices have been notably quieter. I consider that one battle almost won already, let the professionals do their job and above all, don’t be part of the problem. It’s about time we took control of the conversation because we need to talk.

“Terrorists and the far right seem to have some weird symbiotic relationship in which each does its best to boost recruitment of the other.”                            (@marcuschown Twitter 06/04/16)

Those still calling for a war on terror have obviously learnt nothing from history. We started one on September the 9th 2001. As a previous generation remembers exactly where they were when Kennedy was shot, most remember where they were when the Twin Towers attacks happened. It felt surreal and I was working opposite Blackpool Tower at the time hoping to hell nobody decided to fly a plane into it. I was also wondering how much time I’d have to leg it and unhappily concluded the answer was none. So how has the war that was declared that day gone so far? Well, from where I’m standing not very well. I mean apart from causing a migration crisis, in which everyone seems terribly surprised that innocent civilians have the tendency to leg when been bombed, so would I, as previously stated. The Americans backed by the UK tried for a two for the price of one wars, one against terrorism and the other for geopolitical aim connected to oil.

The truth is, and always has been, you can’t fight a war against terrorists. None of the armed forces call it that, that called such maneuvers Counter-Terrorism Actions. So rather than go over again what doesn’t work let’s talk about what does work, not what merely assuages our understandably outraged feelings. The best way terrorists is to use what we’re good at and what we stand for. the first mistake radical Islam makes is to assume that their values our better than ours. What are your core beliefs they mock Netflix? Britain’s Got Talent? A nice cup of tea? No pal, it’s opposing evil losers like you and hunting you down and we will never stop until we do. Our police and security forces will find you, we will prevail because our way of life is better than yours. The first part of the conversation is unfortunately political, the funding of our services. Now is not the time for cuts so it’s time to u-turn Mrs May and as luck would have it you’ve had plenty of practice at that recently. Do it, by public demand.

The second conversation we need to have is international, are our actions abroad really a war on terror? Nothing justifies the barbarism of terrorism but our actions abroad are hardly great public relations. Let’s forget which politicians said what when and look at what the experts say. Everybody from MI5 down agrees that our actions abroad are not helping. It’s time we started listening to experts again. We need to tak to America along with the EU because the geography means these problems are washing up, sometimes literally, on our shores. If you go and make a mess in someone elses house it’s only fair to tidy up afterwards.

We also need a conversation about Saudi Arabia which I have first hand evidence is being censored, just like the barely reported war in Yemen. It’s not us doing the bombing but we are selling them weapons. It is also the Saudi’s that spread Wahhabism the most radical form of Islam and this Independent link is from 2007, it’s nothing new. These are problems we can’t ignore. So when are you going to release the report commissioned on the funding of terror on our shores? Oh you’re suppressing it.

Many thousands will be scarred for life mentally and some physically. We will mourn and commemorate the dead. You may see our prayers and candles as weakness, more fool you, these things bind us. No matter how hard things get we will carry on much easier, of course, for those like me not personally affected or grieving loss. I pray that time will help heal the wounds.

There is one other word I’d like to hear more of, Jahannam. Hell is where those losers are going so I’d like to hear this said loud and clear far more often because those losers broke your laws and ours. You see as a nation we’ve been here before and won, have a look.


Thousands of shattered lives lie behind that bland chart but collectively we came through terrible times. Still think you have a chance? As an encore we will do one last thing, laugh at you. The British do this like no other nation, The New York Times may have a headline saying that we are reeling so we answer with #ThingsThatLeaveBritainReeling you can probably sense the derision and mockery from thousands of miles away, in fact it’s probably visible from the moon. I shall leave the last word to the Daily Mash on what we really worry about.


2 thoughts on “Burn Down The Mosques! Afterthoughts 2

  1. Decent summing up. Saudi is the elephant in the room TPT don’t want us to see, hence the censorship.
    Type in “is Wahhabism the new Zionism” and/or “Is Wahhabism and Zionism different sides of the same coin” into Google and you get some interesting links.
    These links prove that us the masses are starting to disbelieve the MSM and with it our leaders. So sooner or later these two will have to clean up their acts or they will lose all respect and with it control.

    Last comments, but the most important ones. Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. In 1917 we had the rise of Zionism and Communism [twin controlling regimes, that tolerate no dissentions] Communism is on the wane? but we have the rise of Wahhabism to replace it. Could it be Zionist brains and Wahhabis foot soldiers just like the Russian revolution in 1917?


    1. The last Thing I intend to do is explain the quagmire that is ME politics, everything that happens there is about oil. Jon Pilger has some excellent stuff on this.


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