Burn The Mosques: Afterthoughts.

In what I hope will be a regular feature of this blog I will write afterthoughts that will approach my previous post from the point of view I am wrong. These will be based on feedback I receive and what I make of it. In my previous post I argue against “burning down the mosques” but also for a robust response. But what if my idea of robust isn’t err.. Robust enough? Former UKIP MP @Janice4Brexit certainly thinks not. She is of the opinion that the death penalty should be brought back in the wake of the suicide bombing. Now forgive me coming over all Captain Blackadder (he probably won’t) I can see a tiny flaw in this cunning plan.

I am not going to rehash what we know now that’s available on every news channel, just respond to feedback I’ve had. These are the four most common calls for action in bold and my views below, for what they’re worth.

(1) A moratorium on all immigration other than a few specific high skilled visas from the countries where these people come from.

Let’s leave aside the fact this is illegal, in or out of the EU, and even the fact that the bomber was born in the UK. Borders are not enforced at airports they’re enforced by employers as this excellent blog explains. People come and go to the UK for all sorts of reasons, timescales and purposes. The alternative therefore is to count everyone in and everyone out. How? The manpower required would be enormous and may not even be available given the “record employment levels” we have. It would entail a huge shift from the private sector to the public sector and the fiscal consequences of a similar magnitude. Not exactly in keeping with the economic direction is it?

Then there would be the queues and you and I would be in them, don’t think that because you don’t look like a terrorist it won’t effect you, it means everyone. You queue to get in and out. Then of course other countries will reciprocate and we’ll be queuing to get in and out of their countries as well. Then they’ll be queues at the docks as we search every lorry every car, it will be permanent operation stack on steroids. See what happens when you think things through?

(2) Intern the 3500 known dangerous radicals that the security services are struggling to monitor – give them a choice of internment until they are deemed safe or deportation – and never returning. Diego Garcia might be a good place to put them.

Well Allison Pearson is calling concentration camps (article removed) and as mentioned gobshite Katie Hopkins called for The Final Solution, tweet since amended. This exactly proves my point about reacting in the heat of the moment, I’m glad that sanity prevailed. This gives me a chance two dismiss two common myths. The British did not invent concentration camps or interment and they don’t work except temporarily. Internment didn’t work during the Irish troubles and won’t work now, even leaving the legal constraints aside. As to the direction that sets, the less said the better.

(3) Ban Muslim hate groups, hate preachers, “charities” that encourage extremism.

They’re already banned but that is far too glib. I am sure that more needs doing so what’s the best way of achieving the goal? Well, we could send in the jackboots, kick doors down, seize property and see if there are any questions later. Basically this would require us to reverse Habeas Corpus and the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

What’s needed is a properly funded, but not over powerful security service doing it’s job and building trust with one another. Demonising an entire portion of the population will achieve nothing.

(4) Make it clear to Muslims in Britain they are the minority culture, we are tolerant, so long as they live peacefully and do not seek to impose their values on the majority British culture, if they find that a problem, invite them to live somewhere else where their values are the law.

I can’t agree to this as a whole but it raises some interesting points that are to be clarified. The way this was worded seems to imply we are above you, I prefer we are all equal under UK law. All but a miniscule percentage do live peacefully, do not seek to impose “their values” (whatever you mean by that) on us or find that a problem.

But what about Sharia Law? There is no such thing in the UK and there are no Sharia Courts. There are religious councils but they are not permitted to overrule UK law. What tends to happen in religious disputes is to have an Islamic Cleric and a Lawyer present to make sure solutions abide by UK law. Source Full Fact. A comparison can be made with the Catholic Church and it’s prohibition of abortion, that is a religious creed and no part of UK law. A report is due later this year on possible abuses of Sharia Law when it will be made very clear sharia has no place in our laws, end of story.

As the heartbreaking stories of those murdered emerge our time and energy is spent supporting the bereaved and the City of Manchester. We will commemorate and celebrate the lives of those so cruel taken and pray those affected are given strength to recover and carry on.

There is a final point I’m going to make even though I’d rather not raise the question that will follow. It isn’t often I turn to President for inspiration but he nailed the terrorists with just one powerful word. Losers. That’s what they are and that’s why we will win. The smallest of gestures count and build our solidarity. I know some recoil from what is called soft gesture politics and appeasement it is no such thing. The most powerful weapons we have are our values and way of life, it’s that which defeats evil, for that is what ISIS stands for, acts of evil to divide us. This narrative is not as satisfying as revenge and policies that sound well ‘ard. It is the narrative that will ensure those losers continue losing. Long after we defeat ISIS, and we will defeat them, other evil will take it’s place and the fight will continue.

There is one last weapon we have, more powerful than any bomb, gun or atrocity man can ever devise, that of forgiveness. This begs the question I don’t want to answer.

OK Saint Bloody 40, how about you? If it was somebody you loved in that carnage would you be coming out with all these fine words and preaching forgiveness?

The answer to that is no. I honestly don’t think I’d be strong enough to do that, I hope I never have to find out. What I would need is leadership, direction and example to sway me from revenge, a whole shedload comfort and time to heal. There is no point pretending I could do those things I just add my small bit to direction. And my direction is?

Let’s not face down the threat of a Totalitarian Islamic State with a Totalitarian Secular State. That isn’t the answer and a poor tribute to those lives lost.

Thank you for reading.


3 thoughts on “Burn The Mosques: Afterthoughts.

  1. i bill i think what you’re really saying is my arguments from a different direction 😉
    But if you don’t mind i’ll add some think of my own!
    Yesterday was a very sad day for decency , some will read this & not be able to understand that i’m not doing what i’m talking about or that i’m condoning what happened i’m far from doing that!

    These people are indoctrinated ,do not become one of them,they‘re afraid & strike out both irrationally and disproportionately and even cowardly do not become one of them!
    They can thrive because they shelter themselves away behind an iron curtain of mistrust please don’t become one of them!
    Yesterday someone divided(from society) ,set in a small group from society callously took the lives of innocent children because he wanted to escalate our own fears & some decided to use it to facilitate that escalate the fear that first drove this person & further push some decent folk to retreat further behind the iron curtain because of it,it is another cycle of human stupidity & it will keep going & escalating if we allow this to continue !

    This is how societies break down & fall into ruining.do not let them succeed !
    Yesterday people of all faiths responded how they should,people who have been isolated from society but not indoctrinated acted humanely .because they know right from wrong & they know two wrongs don’t make a right!

    Now some are going to say this is the kind of PC nonsense that got us here,it is not ,that’s the drop in standards in society of understanding & the growth of ignorance,because with free speech comes responsibility & that is where the standards have dropped of the chart ,no one takes responsibility any more,pass the buck & it just keeps on being passed!
    There are way to make your point that take responsibility shows understand that the fear you feel isn’t that different to the fear they feel,that to politicise it when these children are not even laid to rest is grotesque,no excuses,no i haven’t committed an act like he has,because sooner or later someone listening to you will!
    And we’ve already seen it! Don’t let britain slip into a cesspit of hatred & passing the buck until crimes so grotesque take place!

    Because there is a price for this passing the buck,it breeds fear,mistrust then open hostility & then war & some are already saying it is war,some are already calling for final solution,just has this scum of a terrorist was indoctrinated but it is escalating it even becoming mainstream.
    Please don’t become one! You’re better than this we are better than this,so one last thought on the final solution it can’t be mistrust a iron curtain or hatred that is the end of humanity,it can only be by talking understanding and actively seeking solutions & taking responsibility for what is right & turning your back on evil,not by escalating it but by understanding that allowing people to speak but not take responsibility for the other side of the coin is people will be irresponsible & use it to gain power,we’ve also seen that before,first create division & then play on that division & it has never ended well.
    You want proof , i ask you two question why aren’t we still under the rule of empires like Egypt,Rome,Greece even the British,answer because division is the endgame,those who served in our forces know this well, you may have had divisions but you were never divided to allow people to create division to do whatever they wanted meant certain defeat,don’t let it happen to this country!


    1. Wecome aboard Ghost, always a pleasure to be haunted by you. Thanks for adding value and for reading. Stay tuned as a certain Mr Ward would say.


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