Brexiters: It’s Water-Boarding Time

Following on from yesterday’s post, which seems to be playing out entirely as expected, this is just basically an update on that and remember, you ain’t seen nothing yet the water-boarding is still to come, full on Greece style. I may exaggerate a little but not much, we’ll certainly get the Hollande Treatment. Remember the Socialist president of France and his lofty goals of tacking unemployment? Remember the radical actions such as a Wealth Tax and job creation blitz? Me neither. There was a brief attempt at a Super Tax but he was firmly slapped down internationally and is now viewed with contempt by the French electorate.

That is nothing, compared with the contempt our ruling classes feel for the great unwashed who voted out. Does anyone imagine that the wishes of the masses has any equality with those of the City of London? Seriously? The demands of We The Plebs can be manipulated and changed. The demands of our financial overlords are set in stone. Let’s stop kidding ourselves Brexit will be dead and buried by 2020 in the general election. This is how it will pan out. To repeat from yesterday the Brexit deal offered to us will be the very worst possible and Donald Tusk weighed in on Twitter today.

The only real alternative to a “hard Brexit” is “no Brexit”. Even if today hardly anyone believes in such a possibility.

That’s fine I can live with being Hardly Anyone. I thought at first that the deal we’d get would be one that was so close to being in as to make no odds, I’m now confident the deal will be in or hard Brexit. Ambrose Evans Pritchard has a very well informed article up today in the Telegraph. Even before the Tusk tweet he is all for calling the bluff of the EU, he concludes…

Mr Hollande wishes to bring about the hardest possible Brexit. If this proves to be the EU position – and it may not be, since it is lunacy and he for one will soon be irrelevant – it does at least clarify the issue.A hard Brexit was never my preference. While the economic benefits of the EU customs union are greatly overstated, it would be no small matter to unwind the nexus of cross-border supply chains that has evolved over decades.

But if that is the only choice, so be it.

As I noted Mr Hollande knows of what he speaks, he implicitly admits the EU is held together by fear and he should know. He tried to step out of line and was firmly put in his place, he knows what’s coming to the UK. A-EP was writing even before Tusk spoke confirming what we know anyway. There is and will be no choice except remain or economic suicide. We The Plebs will be crushed whatever happens.

Duncan Weldon covered Greece in some depth and here is what he observed.

Syriza’s supposed red lines were ending austerity, reversing some of the labour and product market reforms introduced by their creditors, achieving a debt write down and ending supervision by the Troika officials in Athens. Very little of this was achieved.

On the other hand, they did not experience a total defeat. Creditor red lines were crossed to — austerity was eased, the reform agenda was amended, talks on debt relief have been left open, funding packages are now longer term.

The EU does not move much and before you say we are not Greece, the only people who could help us have a more powerful position won’t. They will be actively lobbying for the worst deal possible and having fun in the markets, citing the plunging pound and Big Scary Numbers of lost tax revenues. In the meantime Theresa May can keep seducing UKIP voters with all the tough talk on cutting immigration before the party disintegrates without the talismanic Farage. What remains of UKIP is just as likely to take votes from Labour, especially in the north, assuming it still even exists.

Today brought a fresh development which I shamefully neglected to mention yesterday even though it was entirely predictable. Just when you thought Scotland couldn’t produce a cannier politician that Alex Salmond up pops Nicola Sturgeon. I am a citizen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so whilst I am politically opposed to both I can but only admire consummate politicians. I am not for one moment suggesting a brexit conspiracy here, just that Scotland voted 62%-38% remain.

She said: “I am determined that Scotland will have the ability to reconsider the question of independence and to do so before the UK leaves the EU – if that is necessary to protect our country’s interests.So, I can confirm today that the Independence Referendum Bill will be published for consultation next week.”

That will leave a sizable chunk of the 52% who most certainly did not vote for the dissolution of the United Kingdom somewhat disgruntled, people like me. Another dent in the so called majority of the 52%. I repeat from yesterday, in 2020 the world will be a very different place, with the 52% majority little more than a rump of racist idiots. By this time, after pressure from City donors Theresa May can safely put remain in the Tory manifesto citing events dear boy, events.

All I ask of the remainers is that they negotiate with the EU to sweeten the pill to keep division to a minimum. Not much to ask is it? As to the water-boarding I again repeat, it’s barely started yet.Next time they’ll really steal your Marmite.

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