Silence Bremoaners:Tyranny By Majority?

In the normal course of events I wouldn’t ask my favourite bloggers to read my blog. It isn’t aimed at them, my blog is intended for and written for laymen, possibly quite new to the blogospere and seeking alternative news sources from the normal drivel. This time it’s different and whilst I have pulled several muscles patting myself on the back recently (to steal a phrase off Paul Krugman) things are fast getting out of hand. There is an attempt to subvert democracy and I really don’t know which side is the worst at it. I’m in a quite unique position here as I voted in (I gave my vote to my God-daughter) but am minded to get out. This war of words has escalated and of course those doyens of decent reporting the Daily Mail and Express have waded in. Needless to add they can’t quite get their collective heads round the fact that even those “traitors” who voted remain are entitled to participate in democracy. This seemed to be the tweet that kicked it all off:

Imagine if remain had won by tiny margin & the govt went for “hard remain” – Schengen, Euro, multilingual signage. People would go apeshit.

You could throw into that mix embrace of the EU superstate, grab some beer and popcorn and watch as the tabloids ignited into spontaneous combustion. You can see above how the Daily Mail reacts to anyone who dares doubt their version of Brexit, whatever that is today. The Daily Express demands that they be silenced. What do they mean by that? I thought the fight against the EU was about restoring democracy and bringing the debate home to national sovereignty and preserving this green and pleasant land. Is it just me humming Jerusalem reading that? Well from where I’m standing it looks far from pleasant and all the green bits are to be fracked regardless of local democracy in places such as Fylde.

I have my red lines on the EU which are Greece, unemployment and democracy. The fiscal water-boarding of Greece was an international outrage and emergency action, even this belatedly, must be taken. If the EU is so yellow and blue spangled awesome why can’t you sort out a minnow like Greece? Likewise unemployment should be a matter of emergency but they’re just sitting there staring at it whilst the eurozone banks threaten to collapse. Get it sorted. As for democracy it’s the same as most advanced economies, the government of the EU sells itself to high finanace then sells what they want to the electorate. this is leading to people turning to despots and extremism. It is ironic beyond measure that the loudest ctitics of people like Trump just don’t want to know what is causing it. I’ll tell you what’s causing it, people turning a blind eye to what’s happeneing in the name of a failed ideology, Neo-Liberalism and yes I had to use that term. That’s what you are doing whether you are aware of it or not.

So Remainers you have an open goal in front of you sieze the day, to borrow yet another phrase. Here’s what not to do, don’t try to defend the indefensible, seriously, just stop it. The UK has never seriously been in the EU and no wonder. Passport free travel is wonderful but hardly enough on it’s own. By all means defend what is good but acknowledge what is wrong and tell us how you plan  to fix it.

I have a few suggestions. First of all Yanis Varoufakis, find him, get him on board and give him the apology you owe him. This is the man you demonised and mocked for trying to save his country from the events that did come to pass and we witness to this day. Well we would be witnessing them but Greece isn’t news anymore. You let the EU throw Greece to the dogs so it’s time to make amends. Mr Varoufakis puts you and I  to shame, even after his outrageous treatment he kept faith with the instiution and formed DiEM25 a plan to democratise Europe. I suggest you get behind it and him, but without a knife this time.

Secondly, we can recommence the re-negotiation and fix the hubris of man, David Cameron. As I pointed before referendum, which was called for the purposes of internal Tory divisions, it won’t save money, it won’t cut immihration and will be highly divisive. Three out of three to me. The nettle of EU reform must be grasped and grasped now. Put aside our archaic system of one side wins and the other loses, start building international cooperation and present something worth fighting for. Get out of your echo chamber of the 48% and engage. That 48% is a majority by now, use it.

Of course, There is Always An Alternative. You can just let the Brexit rabble, the politicians that is rather than Brexit supporters in general, implode. I laid down exactly how Brexit would implode and, whilst self praise is no praise, it’s proven pretty damn accurate so far. All we’ll get if you do that is the same divided country, the same failed policies and more of the same blasted arguments. It will solve nothing.

So are you really a Remainer? Or are you a Bremoaner as labled by the Daily Mail?

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  1. I think Greece was appallingly served by their politicians. Yanis Varoufakis included. The countries providing the cash became increasingly exasperated, even before that ridiculous referendum was called. Then ignored by the people who called it, who did the same deal on worse terms. This was enormously damaging to the Greek economy.


    1. A very mistaken view in my opinion. The Troika deliberately crashed the Greek banking system to force them to capitulate. YVs only mistake was to believe the EU would negotiate.


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