Fear Not 48% May Won’t Brexit

Are we on rule 6 of Neo-liberalism yet? This rule is simple, neo-liberals always get what they want. They plan long-term and will just keep asking until they get. They will bribe, sorry I mean lobby, politicians and bully them. I clearly mean lobby there obviously. The system that is supposed to prevent this, our independent civil service, has long since been battered into submission as we gradually drift towards Americanisation of our political system.And health system. And benefits system… You get the point. Brexit will boil down to money, cold hard cash. Those with the most cash will call the shots and, as I have previously discussed, the politicians we elect are just there to sell us what the Neo-liberal story is today. They do not want Brexit so it won’t happen. So how would I stop it if it was my job to do so?

I’d divide and rule over 52% of course, the 48% are there come what may after all. The referendum was appallingly devised, with no minimum threshold and no definition of what Brexit actually meant. So to flush out those with buyer’s remorse and the soft Brexiters I’d offer the most shabby and obviously self harming version of leave. We’re going to clobber those terrible immigrants, those blasted foreign doctors coming over here and helping save lives, and with a yoink and a doink we’re out of the single market too. Liam Fox wants to go even further and leave the customs union too. That is about as believable as that dangerous Trumpite clown Boris Johnson genuinely wanting to leave the EU. So this is the version of the EU we’re getting, rising prices, falling currency, passports for travel, demonisation of foreigners, foreigners stealing the City of London, falling house prices, pariah status abroad and falling property prices. Sounds like a hard sell to me.

This of course is the point and next I’d let my mates in the media loose and let the lack of joy be unbounded. I remember being in Austria when mad cow disease was in its full swing with funeral pyres of healthy animals being burnt, we were being reported as barbarians and quite rightly so so. Can you imagine how this weeks stories will be reported abroad? Here I shall pinch some links from Jonathan Freedland choking into his Chablis or whatever. Foreign doctors to be barred from Britain, that’s a bright idea that given Jeremy Hunt is still at loggerheads with those we do have. Then they came for the academics of the LSE. no foreign ones please. Still not content we have decided to list all foreign workers with plans to name and shame those that ignore British workers. For an encore we’re also going to hold up to 4 million EU workers to ransom and even as a last resort deport them.Yes deport 4 million, count ’em, people. How very Mein Kampf or Project Fear II as I call it.

Now if that doesn’t tell you all these stories are so much horse manure you’ve only got half a brain which leads me neatly to the Brexiteers reaction, it’s pure comedy gold. Now look here splutters Andrew Lilico you can’t go around giving people what they want, that’s what dictators do. Brexit means what I say it means, ordinary plebs should be consulted, obviously, then Ignored. It’s you remainers that are the racists Dan Hannan avers avidly, so serious that he uses his full name on the article. We Brexiters barely mentioned immigration oh no, for us it was about Taking Back Control (dog whistle: immigration) controlling borders (dog whistle: immigration) and above all reclaiming sovereignty (dog whistle: immigration). We even had Lord Ashcroft run a poll that conclusively proved that people don’t admit to being vile racists to pollsters. Thanks for that Dan. I could add Fraser Nelson and Simon Heffer to the mix but my point is made.

The plan is going splendidly so far I’ve convinced myself already, sooner remain than that nonsense. I have more though, I can trust my friends in the City to pull some tricks. Anyone who seriously thinks the City will give up all those lovely Euro clearing transactions is seriously deluded, The Remembrancer doesn’t sit behind the speakers for nothing. The City will protect its interests ruthlessly democracy or nay. They’re doing a splendid job devaluing the pound and cutting everyone’s living standard with it. There’s plenty more tricks where that comes from as President Hollande discovered when he tried to be a Socialist. I suspect that Christopher Booker knows what is going on and is careful to note what Theresa May did  and didn’t actually say. Dammit sussed, good job I have one last trick up my sleeve, I call it the Chillcot manoeuvre , I will make sure the negotiations take forever, Ken Clarke reckons 8-10 years easily. The establishment can delay decisions for far longer than the Great British public and press can maintain interest. Game, set and match to me I think.

The referendum was fought on two basic premises both of which were lies. To remain we would need to sign up to everything the Euro and emerging superstate included. To think that the European project is anything else is, to quote a Guns and Roses album title Use Your Illusion 1. For Brexit, still hopelessly divided on what it actually is, Brexit means a big fall in immigration, out of the single market, no customs union and a massive hit to living standards. The vote should have stated implicitly this is a leap of faith we are taking and there will be at best, a huge short to medium term, hit to take, do you think it’s worth it?

So relax 48% the 52% already ceases to exist and the world will look very different by the time negotiations are even close to being concluded. bill40 prediction: Brexit will never happen.

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