Blog Break.

Apologies to my millions thousands Oh all right hundreds of readers I must take a break under doctors orders. I didn't listen first time but I really better had this time. Thanks for reading and I can't begin to tell you how frustrating this is. I was building up nicely and the evidence for my … Continue reading Blog Break.


Brexiters: It’s Water-Boarding Time

Following on from yesterday's post, which seems to be playing out entirely as expected, this is just basically an update on that and remember, you ain't seen nothing yet the water-boarding is still to come, full on Greece style. I may exaggerate a little but not much, we'll certainly get the Hollande Treatment. Remember the … Continue reading Brexiters: It’s Water-Boarding Time

Silence Bremoaners:Tyranny By Majority? In the normal course of events I wouldn't ask my favourite bloggers to read my blog. It isn't aimed at them, my blog is intended for and written for laymen, possibly quite new to the blogospere and seeking alternative news sources from the normal drivel. This time it's different and whilst … Continue reading

Neo-Liberalism:We are Big, You are Small Pt 1.

Rule 7 of Neo-liberalism is a set of sacred shibboleths that runs through every transnational organisation from the IMF to the World Bank. In short the only successful way to run a country and indeed whole continents is by having small governments, low taxes, little regulation, market solutions, balanced budgets and the importance Of "Wealth … Continue reading Neo-Liberalism:We are Big, You are Small Pt 1.